SEOptimer’s Free SEO Tools

SEOptimer provides a range of tools to help you improve your website. Try one of our free tools today.


Meta Tag Generator

The meta tag generator will create description, keyword and other important meta tags for you with provided content..

.htaccess Generator

The Free .htaccess File Generator will take inputs to produce a .htaccess file you can upload to your website.

Robots.txt Generator

The Free robots.txt file generator allows you to easily product a robots.txt file for your website based on inputs.

XML Sitemap Generator

The Free Sitemap Generator makes building an XML Sitemap for your website dead simple. Simply enter your pages and an XML file will be generated.

Keyword Generator

The Free Keyword Generator will take a blurb of your text content and show the most frequent keywords.


CSS Minifier

JS Minifier

HTML Minifier

Validators / Testers

On-Page SEO

Title Tag Checker

SEOptimer's Free Title Tag Checker Tool. Optimize your HTML Title Tags for SEO.

Meta Description Checker

SEOptimer's Free Meta Description Checker Tool. Review and Optimize your HTML Meta Description Tag for SEO.

Hreflang Checker

SEOptimer's Hreflang Checker Tool identifies the presence of alternative language tags on a page, which are recommended on multilingual sites.

HTML Lang Attribute Check

SEOptimer's check identifies the presence of the Lang attribute in your site's HTML. Having this attribute is highly recommended to prevent language confusion or misinterprataion by browsers or Search Engines.

Canonical Tag Checker

SEOptimer's Canonical Checker tool looks for the presence of the Canonical Tag in your site's HTML. Google recommends having this tag present on every page.

SERP Preview Tool

SEOptimer's SERP Preview Tool allows you to check how your SERP Snippet may look in when presented in Search Results based on your website's data.

H1 Checker

SEOptimer's Free Header Tag Checker Tool. Check that you are using a H1 Tag on your page.

Header Tag Checker

SEOptimer's Free Header Tag Checker Tool. Check that you are using Header Tags.

Keyword Density & Consistency Tool

Top Keyword Rankings Tool

Website Word Count Tool

Image Alt Tag Checker

Backlink Checker

Internal Link Checker

SEO Friendly URL Checker

Noindex Tag Test

Noindex Header Test

Robots.txt Checker

XML Sitemap Checker

Sitemap Validator Structured Data

Url Status Code Checker

SEOptimer's Free Header Status Code Checker Tool.


Website Mobile and Tablet Responsiveness Tester

Meta Viewport Tag Checker

Webpage Flash Test Tool

Webpage iFrame Test Tool

Favicon Checker

Font Size and Legibility Checker

Webpage Tap Target Size Tester

Core Web Vitals Test

SEOptimer's Core Web Vitals Test shows how your site performs against Google's Core Web Vitals metrics, using Google's own data.


Website Load Speed Performance Tester

Webpage File Size Check Tool

Page Request Checker Tool

Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Tester

Webpage Javascript Error Checking Tool

Webpage GZIP Test Tool

HTTP2 Usage

Webpage Image Optimization Checker

Webpage File Minification Checker

Deprecated HTML Tags Checker

Inline CSS Checker


Facebook Open Graph Tags

Facebook Pixel

Twitter Cards


SSL Checker

HTTPS (SSL) Redirect Checker

Htaccess Redirect Checker

Test a Website URL for Clear-Text Email Addresses


Find the Technology a Website is Built With Tool

Website IP Address Finder Tool

Website DNS Lookup Tool

Domain Age Checker

Ping Tester

The Free Ping Tester will query your website to determine if there is a response and the delay time.

Check the Web Server being used by a Website

Google Analytics (and Other Web Analytics Tools) Checker